Naia Perez


Hi! I'm Naia, i'm new. Please be nice to me, I can be shy but I love making friends. A kiss.

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  • Member of Hufflepuff
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  • 1st Year
  • Spain


Naia Perez

 - Birthday: August 2nd - I'm 16

 - Year: First

 - House: Hufflepuff

 - Blood-status: Half-blood (My dad is a wizard and my mum is a muggle)

 - Star sign: Leo

 - Pronouns: she/her

 - Sexuality: Bisexual

 - Favourite class: Aefense Against Dark Arts and Astronomy

 - Pet: A white owl called Mia

 - Patronus: Black Mamba

 - Wand: Sycamore wood with a phoenix core 11" and suprisingly swishy flexibility

 - Amortencia: The smell of old books - due to her loving to read-, the smell of lavender -cause' i love that plant- and the smell of wet grass -because I love Quiddich and reading on the grass- 

 - Look: Blond hair and light brown eyes

 - Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan

- Personality: Naia, at first, is a serious person, but when you meet her she is a very kind and warm person. She doesn't like to create fights, but she will always be there to help the people who cares about, no matter the repercussions of it. She accepts people with open arms. She has an obsession with books, Quiddich and the smell of lavender. She is single. She hasn't friends and quite alone, but down for anyone to owl her and get to know her and be her friend.

 - Backstory: Naia grew up in central London with her mother "Alice" and her father "Liam". Her family is pretty crazy. They have always been very close. From little Naia she feels family love, because her parents met by chance on a trip to London -her father is from there, but her mother is from Spain-, and by chance they fell in love. Naia is Half-blood, but she is proud of it. She is excited to enter Hogwards, her father has told her a thousand stories and she just hopes to start her first year, make friends and be happy.


Please be nice to me, I can be shy but I love making friends. A kiss.

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