My name is Seven. I go by any pronouns but I prefer he/they. I’m bisexual. I’m 5’11. I’m also selectively mute.

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I was a hatstall, probably because I could have been sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Even me myself had a hard time deciding which one I’d actually like to be put in to. Regardless of having a difficult time to choose, I got sorted into Slytherin. The sorting hat made this decision because it was my final decision to be sorted into Slytherin. I also have the characteristics of a fellow Slytherin, which was why this was so easy to finalize in the end.

The core classes that I like the most are potions, herbology, astronomy, and charms. My least favorite would have to be history of magic and defense against the dark arts, I’d say it’s interesting but I would not be able to pay attention for the life of me.

I’d say I’m a pureblood. This status has given me great privilege in the wizarding world, though I do not think I’m greater than anyone. I see everyone as equals.

My greatest strength would have to be my strength, as ironic as that sounds and my intelligence. My weaknesses would have to be my insecurities and shyness.

I just find magic itself fascinating, but I don’t know how to describe it. It’s truly an anomaly.

I have a cat, a tabby. His name is Ollie. Very cuddly and only likes me to touch him, but isn’t mean to others unless provoked. He certainly has his own spark of personality.

My wand is a Fir wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and unyielding flexibility. My patronus is a black swan.
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