Anne Greene

Student, quidditch player

~ If I give you my friendship ring wear it and never take it off honey or we're done ~ Anne What if I’m A lesbian idc why do you bitch

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Still working on this!

~ First thing ~
Taken taken by lovely logan

Name ~ Anne
Age ~ 15 to 18 based on who im talkin to!

~ RP ~
Anne Greene
Abby Gilbert
Emma Smith
Jessica Jones
Tessa Mayfield
Elli Salvatore

Alicia Janvier

~ Fav Drink ~

~ Special Mentions ~
Jessica ~ your amazing nice friend cute funny lv ya!
Alicia ~ Ah ilyyy ur sooo cute funnyy amazingg the bestttt

~Something ppl who don’t support LGBTQ should read ~
Cmon I don’t care about what you think you don’t respect other’s opinions but I do so shut the fuck up if you dont support it

~ Song ~
{ Ken & Barbie (female version) }
0:22 ─〇───── 4:22
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