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Read my rules Important!


Full Name:- Jessica Malfoy
Stupid Birthday - 29th November
Sibling - Draco Malfoy
WAND - Larch wood with a unicorn hair core, 14" and hard flexibility
Hogwarts house -
Status ~ Dating Logan
Tattoos - 4, arm neck collarbone and ankle
Patronus - Robin
Quidditch position :- Chaser
Fav shows music and movies books
Shows - Money heist (I know Spanish wait I am half Spanish)
How I met your mother

Movies - Hp
To all the boys

Music - Billie
Too many

Books - All

Likes :- Quidditch , Astronomy , Reading , Tournaments for sports , Berty Botts Beans hanging with Gil going to Hagrid's with Ron Harry and Hermione talking to Quinnie the Pooh! and Heineken!
Dislikes :- Divination , People other than my friends , My brother's friends Oh also my birthday
Appearance:- Blond hair , almond eyes(gray colour),5'5 , Pink cheeks (lmao :d..)
Best friend -
and by this i mean like literally best friends -
Gil, Qutie and Ced
Backstory -
Her parents Emily Delphine Gomez and her father Luke Delphine Gomez. Her mother and father were 17 when they had her. Her mother decided to name her after herself. People call Emily jr Em. Em's mother had returned to Hogwarts when she was 3 so Em stayed with her Dad. Luke always looked after her and soon she was accepted into Hogwarts. Her father worked at Hogwarts later on he was the DADA professor. She made friends like Ginny Quinn Alicia Harry Hermione Ron Luna Neville Fred George and Anne. She also made a boyfriend at the age of 11 his name was Cedric. Her best friends were Ginny Alicia Quinn and the twins. She always enjoyed talking to them. She would be mostly found in the yard on trees in the kitchen in the library and in the common room. Forgot to mention her whole family were Slytherins.


Special Mentions
Moi and the twins! Hehe -
Both of ya are amazing! hehe I love to prank ppl with you and make fun of Ron! The best twins I've met. Our best prank so far was Draco with Quinn ahh also you both r not the best Weasleys you both r trouble

Qutie and Moi -
Qutie ahhh Qutie your amzing ur the besttttt ilyyyyy I love talking to u and making fun of ppl with u! Best friend!
also i have horrible editing skills hehe

Gil and Moi -
Gil Gil Gil! your an amazing person and an amazing best friend lv u lv talking to u and playing quidditch with uuuu!

Mio and Moi -
Mio ur an amazing friend and also I love studying with you!

Harry and Moi -
Harry your an amazing friend and I love to go on adventures with you hehe!

Ron and Moi -
Ronald Weasley I loveeeeee to eat with you hahaha anyways your an amazing friend!

Anne and Moi -
Ane Ane your sooo cutee perfectt ilyyy funnyyyyy
Teehee Uhhhhhh my pics!

FC - Julianne Hough
From -
Epsom, London, Uk

Name - Amy Blackheart
Age - 17
Year - Six
Sexuality & Status - Straight and taken by Logan Wintergarden
House - Slytherin
Abilities - Parseltongue
Blood status - Pure blood
Wand - 11 inches long and made of holly with a phoenix feather core.


Height - 5.7
Weight - 59
Personality - Funny Mean Sweet Caring Popular
Likes - Studying reading writing and listening to music
Dislikes - People Colours and tennis and Geo

Backstory -
Her mother is Alison Blackheart and her father is Jack Blackheart
She was 2 when her father passed away ever since she hated tennis because her father always played it.
Her mother takes care of her and her brother Ali.
She is older than Ali and she got her first boyfriend at the age of 12 and she still dates him.
They love each other. She loves astronomy and goes to stargaze every night


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