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Nickname: Char

Gender: Female she/her

Personality: Cheerful, kind, gentle, sly, clumsy, charming, ambitious, resourceful. Has a low tolerance for egotistical people and liars.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Blood status: Half-blood

Amortentia: Strawberries, spearmint, books

I was so exited when I received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. My parents knew that I'd be accepted, as they had when they were younger. I couldn't wait to there. I made sure that everything was perfect. I wanted to have the best first year I could have. My older siblings told me many stories about their first year at Hogwarts. We soon went to Diagon Alley and I got all of my essentials, including my wand which was made out of cherry wood with a phoenix feather core.

I soon arrived at Hogwarts and I was nervous about what house I would get. Both my parents were Ravenclaws, my older brother Brennon who's a 6th year is in Gryffindor. My older sisters, who are twins, are in 4th year. C.J is a Ravenclaw and Charlie is a Hufflepuff. I'd spoken to my parents about the houses I could be sorted into and they both said that whatever house I'm sorted into, they'd love me the same. My name was called and I sat on the chair, waiting for the sorting hat to decide what house I'd be sorted into. I was shocked when the hat called 'Slytherin' as soon as it was put on my head. None of the members in my family that I'd heard of had been sorted into Slytherin and so I was pretty nervous as to what they would think.

That night I sent an owl to my parents to tell them what house I'd been sorted into. They were extremely happy and couldn't wait to see me in person so that we could celebrate. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

I have a white cat called Rosie.

At first, I stuck to myself. I was very weary of my surroundings but I soon warmed up when another girl in Slytherin spoke to me during Potions. Her names Circe. She was my first friend and made me feel like I was right where I was supposed to be. She'd already made a group of friends and so she introduced them to me. It consisted of Slytherins, although there was one Ravenclaw. The girls from Slytherins names were Georgina, Lavinia and Aradia. The name of the girl from Ravenclaw is Euphenia. Circe knew Euphenia before they came to Hogwarts as they were family friends.

I've already made plans for when I leave Hogwarts. I want to be a healer. I've always wanted to be a healer, although my parents wanted me to follow them and become an Auror. I also know that I want to get married and at least have two children. There are many other things I have planned for my future, and it's just a matter of waiting for things to go as I'd like.

I love reading, it's one of the many things I do in my free time. My favourite book series would have to be The Hunger Games. I find them so interesting and really connect with the characters. I also enjoy acting and writing scripts. Another hobby I have is art. You can find me drawing in my free time in my dorm, the Slytherin Common Room and even in the hall, although I prefer to stick to the first two as I find the hall can be quite noisy. Writing stories has also become a huge hobby for me. I find that I spend hours on end writing about all different genres, although I prefer action and dystopian future.
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