Kallista Emrys


I come from an extremely Aristocratic Family, even more so than the Malfoy's. I don't like to flaunt my wealth and am donating to charities.

  • Joined December 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 116 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


First Name: Kallista
Middle Name: Zenia
Last Name: Emrys
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Sexuality: Straight but supports the LGBTQ+ community with a fierce passion.
Hair Color: Wavy chocolate brown hair with natural caramel and cinnamon-colored lowlights
Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 95 lbs
Eyes: Almond-shaped and piercing emerald green eyes with flecks of gold and lighter green.
Best Traits: Funny, Kind, Intelligent, Cunning, Witty, Sassy, Sarcastic, willing to help all houses but puts Slytherin about any other house, Strives for Perfection, Hard-Working, Teasing, Outgoing, Friendly, Serene.
Worst Traits: Holds a Grudge, Has low self-esteem, hates when her work isn't perfect, sometimes studies too much, teacher's pet, constantly feels judged.
Patronus: Dragon
Wand: Elder with Phoenix tail feather, 12 1/4" and unbending flexibility.
Excels in: Potions, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts
Quidditch: Hoping to be a Chaser or a Seeker in Year Two
Friends: Malfoys, Greengrass, Blacks, Notts, Zabinis
Likes: Slytherin and Hufflepuffs
DIslikes: Ravenclaws who know they're smart and flaunt it as well as stupid Gryffindors, aka Ron Weasley, as well as Ministry Officials such as Barty Crouch.
Status: Pure-blood
I come from an Extremely Aristocratic Family, even more so than the Malfoy's. I don't like to flaunt my wealth and constantly am donating some portion of it to charities. However, when I was little my parents died after they were struck by Ministry Officials who mistook them for Death Eaters. My family also remained neutral in The War. I live in with my grandfather one of the many mansions owned under my family name. I carry an air of importance and nobility however, I don't act snobbish. In fact, I care deeply about my studies and love to help out my fellow Housemates and others. I'm fiercely protective of all of my house-mates and will duel someone who picks on Slytherin House.
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