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I was raised by a soviet program that has taught me to kill, and i do so as i am asked. that is excluding dogs. dogs are an exception

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yelena belova

a graduate of the red room academy

Biographical Data:

Name: Yelena Belova /Елена Белова

Alias: Black Widow

Nationality: Russian.

Family: Birth- Unknown. Natasha Romanoff ( adopted sister). Melina Vostokova ( adopted mother). Alexei Shostakov ( adopted father)

Past Afflictions: KGB. Black Widow Ops Program. Shield. Hydra. Vanguard. GRU.

Occupation: Assassin. Espionage Agent.

Apperance: Blonde, with dark roots. Hazel eyes. 5'4.

Face Caim: Florence Pugh

Personality: In a sort of way, Yelena is like a child, naive, and unable to contain some emotions. Yet that does not make her any less of a ruthless assassin/spy. She is obsessed with Natasha Romanoff, one of her main goals is to prove she is better than the previous Black Widow. Initially, Yelena is a true patriot, ready to kill and die for Russia. This trait makes it very easy for her handlers to manipulate her. After the red room, she still continues with her original line of work, after all, she's spent her entire life preparing for it. But she also takes her chance and explores some things she never was able to do.

Backstory: Yelena has different backstories, one based on the comics, and one based on the Black Widow movie. I will be roleplaying the movie Yelena with some qualities of the comic Yelena that i find would make the character more complexed. ( since most people are more familiar with the Yelena from the movies). I will do a full backstory when I have time.

Additional: Yelena has an russian accent. Although most of her enjoyments are rather chaotic, she pratices ballet at times. She had picked this up from the red room.



" I am more than a copy of you"

Roleplay Rules:

No mary sue. Please, just no.

No godmodding

3rd person and no *'s

Replies should try to match the length of my reply. ( if it's replying to my starters I normally explain some backstory stuff, so your reply does not have to be as long) It should be repliable. Give me something to work with.

I am comfortable with all topics, if you have any triggers, please let me know before we get started. I generally like to do long, mature, realistic, angsty, complex rps, but I can always try new things.

As for romance, it will only be kept in the rp. I also like slow burn romance. ( i hate the 'after meeting a day, suddently we love each other'). That goes for all relationships. If our characters have never met, don't immediately say that we're like best friends or something. Especially since my character is relatively cold.

Tell me if the rp is getting boring and you want to stop or if you don't want to rp at all. Don't leave me hanging.

I understand these are a lot of rules, some may be hard to follow. In my opinion these rules keeps rps entertaining and less annoying at times. If you have a reasonable explanation of why you cannot follow one of these rules, please let me know. But generally, if you break one of these rules, if it's small, i will let it pass. If it's getting repeated or you broke a big one, I will either stop replying or tell you.

Others reason I might stop replying: I have a life outside of this too. Don't hesitate to remind me, but don't start owling me like 7x a day.

I will try my best to explain to you if things get boring, I know how frustrating things may get when people just suddently stop replying.


"You're fooling yourself. We are still both trained killers."



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