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if i had a dollar for every time someone told me i need to eat more, i'd be a millionaire

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Hello, my name is Aria Snowpear! (odd surname isn't it?) I was muggle-born, but when I was two years old, my parents brought me to the Snowpear home, my father's cousin's friends. The Snowpears are purebloods, but they love me and treat me like their own. I fit right in with their three sons, all a little older than me, and the four of us became quite inseparable. That is, until one by one, they each received a letter from Hogwarts, and left me alone with my adopted mum and dad. I missed them all immensely during the school year and spent as much time as possible with them all during the summer. One year, I finally received a letter of my own, which, as I'm sure you can imagine, surprised us all. My family whisked me off to Diagon Alley (a truly lovely place) and to the train station, where I saw my wonderful adopted mum and dad for the last time. They went missing a few days later, and I don't tell you this for pity, but only so that if you come across any of my brothers you will know not to mention our parents. You see, they are acting as if they are taking it well, but I know it is difficult for them (and they are all very big and have very short tempers). Anyway, a little bit more about me: I am a bookworm, I have a sweet tooth, I don't have a favorite color, I enjoy singing, and I, like my brothers, can have a short temper, just warning you. I also like to think that I am a good listener, so if you ever need to rant or just talk, I'll be here for you :)
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