Faith Medlin


hey, I'm Faith, Faith Medlin, I am a Ravenclaw student, who enjoys learning, I usually hangout in my dorm or the school library when not in class or great hall

  • Joined December 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 600 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States



Full Name: Faith Ona Medlin

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 10 

Nationality: White American

Blood Status: Half-Blood, My father is magic, my mother however is not

Wand: Hazelwood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2" and unbending flexibility


Hair Colour: Darker ginger

Hair Style: Shoulder length curly, but not too curly, bangs slightly above eyebrows, hair is mainly in a low ponytail

Eye Colour: eyes appear to be greenish-grey 

Skin Tone: pale and in some areas slightly pink

Height: 5'4

Clothing Style: likes a bit more, well dark academic clothing, loves boots, and is almost always wearing interesting socks. when dressing up, goes for more medieval kinds of dresses

Accessories: never see without a chain necklace, wears earrings most of the time, has 2 ears piercing in each ear, sometimes wears chains on pants


Traits: loyal, loving, independent, sometimes impatient, "odd", fair, optimistic, adventurous, indecisive, reliable

Likes: drawing, music, singing, learning, talking to friends, and being weird with them, rain, swimming, sweaters, autumn

Dislikes: onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, discrimination, lying, creepy insects, bullying, being ignorant on purpose

Hobbies: singing, drawing, crafts, reading, watching tv, sleeping

Fears: change, big spiders, being social with unknown people, loud people, losing people that are loved


Father: David, a muggle-born wizard who attended Hogwarts many years ago, age of 31, impatient, and high temper, fun, caring, father died when young

Mother: Sarah, muggle, who loves her family, age of 32, Father also died when young, does most of the stuff around home

Grandmothers: Donna, a muggle who is caring for her family and protective. Terri, a muggle, who is selfish and doesn't like other peoples ways of life

Grandfathers: Keith, died a year before I was born, caring, loved. Albert, caring, loving, who loves help as much as he can

Family home: lives in a little home in the country, lives in North Carolina, a small-town family who loves and supports each other.


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