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Hello, I'm Ashlyn Black! Yeah....the daughter of the famous Marauder Sirius Black and the war hero Marlene McKinnon! I come from a pureblood family....but I grew up with the Weasleys. I'm sorted in Gryffindor obviously and am best friends with Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Luna, and Neville. I'm best at DADA and my Quidditch position is a Chaser. rp character:

Name: Ashlyn Rosaline Black
Nicknames: Ash, Rose, Lyn
House: Gryffindor
Age: Depends on rp
Friends: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, Luna, Neville, Draco (secret friends with Draco)
Best friends: Hermione Granger (Both of them are inseparable like sisters), Ginny, The Weasley Twins
Favourite subjects: DADA, Flying
Quidditch position: Chaser
Enemies: Voldemort , death eaters, Pansy
Blood Status: Pureblood
Crush: Fred Weasley
Who likes you back: Fred Weasley
Yule Ball dress: flower-fairy-jade-green-fairyt
Siblings: Diego Black
Parents: Sirius Black, Marlene McKinnon
Patronus: Unicorn
Backstory: Grew up with Remus since Sirius was sent to Azkaban and Marlene died. Has a huge crush on Fred .
Sorting hat: Was utterly confused with her personality which made Dumbledore interested like he did for Harry's . She was almost put in Slytherin but at the last moment , was placed in Gryffindor.


Harry Potter rp (GT Era)

Name: Hermione Jean Granger
Age: 15
Nicknames: Mione, book nerd
House: Gryffindor
Friends: Harry, Ron, The Weasley twins, Ginny and almost all Gryffindors
Enemies:  Draco, Pansy, Voldemort, the rest of the slytherins and Death eaters, and the people who are mean and bullies others.
Personality: Kind, bossy, clever, Intelligent, compassionate
Hobbies: Always reading
Crush: Ron Weasley
Favourite subjects: Likes DADA best....loves almost every subjects
Least favourite subject: Divination
Pet: A cat named Crookshanks
Extra: Muggle Born, becomes friends with everyone easily....especially bookworms like her.

For the Marauders rp:
Name: Crystal May Potter
Family: Fleamont Potter (father), Euphemia Potter (mother), James Potter (Elder brother)
Blood status: Pureblood
Story: Is very close to James, they are inseparable throughout their lives.
Personality: Kind, funny, prankster, book nerd, brave
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch position: Chaser
Favourite subject: DADA, Quidditch
Least favourite subject: Divination
Boggart: Death of loved ones
Patronus: Lion
Friends: The Marauders, Lily, Marlene, Frank, Alice, Severus, Fabian, Gideon, Molly, Reg
Enemies: Malfoy, Bellatrix and the rest of the Slytherins.
Crush: Sirius Black
Who likes you back/ has a crush on you: Sirius Black
How did it start: Sirius keeps annoying and pranking her, finally they get together and start dating.
Hobbies: To spend time with friends, music, reading, dancing, pranking
Appearance: Long wavy red hair, Mischievous twinkling blue eyes, casual clothes.
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