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Gus, he/him, 15 I'm new here so if anyone wants to be friends or thinks there's anything I need to know feel free to talk to me :)

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The hat had taken almost 3 minutes to sort me, but after simply finding out my mother I was put into Hufflepuff. My best subject to no one's surprise is Herbology, I am gifted in potions but I'm not a fan of it thanks to my dislike of Snape. I have two mothers, one of them being from a pureblood family and the other a muggle from America. Being a halfblood doesn't affect my life much but some purebloods will tease me. My moms had worried deeply when stories of Voldemort's return came out, they wrote me letters constantly to check on me. I'm very loyal to people I'm close to and would die for my family. I panic a lot which does help me in stressful situations. After Hogwarts, I would like to be a Healer or work with some kind of animal. I love how magic can helps people and make beautiful things that aren't possible in the muggle world. I want to be remembered as a caring and talented wizard. I have a girl black cat named Salem, she is a friendly cat who likes almost everyone.
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