Amber Whitlock


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  • Austria


Amber comes from a pure blood Slytherin family. She lived with her three brothers and parents in a huge mansion in Edinburgh. Her parents and her often got into fights, due to their bad relationship with each other. She was relieved, when her letter from Hogwarts finally arrived, which meant she was allowed to leave the house that hasn't felt like home in years. Even though she would never admit it, she misses her brothers, at least a little bit. She has had quite a reputation at her old schools and she definitely won't be different now. People never really try to get to know her, because of their prejudices. She might seem like a b*tch at first, but she's got a soft heart deep down, very deep down. The girl has a passion for art and loves to play piano, which she does in privacy. She spends most of her free time at malls, strolling from shop to shop. She never fails to find something, which makes her the perfect person to ask for fashion advice.

She tends to get herself into trouble, due to her boldness, which she makes up for with her charm. She wraps everyone around her finger easily, so pay attention. She's a huge tease and quite a sl*t, in the most respectful way, she even calls herself that. The rules to get along with her are easy: never betray her, don't judge her and don't ask too much questions. It takes long for her to trust someone, so you have to be patient with her. She won't open up right away, but she'll listen to other's problems and tries to help. She's very flirty, but got some serious commotment issues. She's always down to have fun in every way. She's outgoing and funny, but can also get pretty serious. She's got quite a tempe and is stubborn, but you'll get used to it. Her black cat Lucifer means everything to her and she means everything to him. He might seem like a sweet, precious kitty, but if you give him a reason he'll make your life miserable and trust me, you don't want that. Good luck!
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