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Slitherin, I was selected there because of my cunning and sneaky ness but I can also be very brave and caring but I have a dark side that scares people. The discussion was immediate. Classes I enjoyed the most were potions, spells, and astronomy. None really they all had a specific enchanted feeling to it. I did very well in dark arts but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite. I was born from a muggle father and a witch mother, I’m a half-blood. Well due to the fact my mother was a famous witch and my father a mayor my Statius is good but also bad due to me being half-blood. It was a bit scary but he-who-must-not-be-named couldn’t take over a simple high school so he fell without rising. My greatest strength is protecting the ones who mean most to me. My greatest weakness is losing my control And hurting someone. I want to follow my mother’s foot steps but take my own path as-well. To use it for good and defeat the bad in the world while still being evil yourself. I will use it to help others but there’s gonna be times I use it to help myself. To be known for who I am and not who my parents were. I have a black cat and a white and gray owl. My cats name is charcoal and my owls name snowflake, they are crazy and goofy but are very comforting animals. My parents died when I was ten after my brother burnt the house down. I haven’t seen him sense it happened I’ve been living with my aunt who is also a witch but she doesn’t want me to follow my mother’s steps, for you see my mother was a dark witch but she used her power for good and was brave. My mother was devoted but slightly creepy. My father was a strong polite man who ran his town with respect. My brother on the other hand was stubborn and jealous he wasn’t cable of magic. He never appeared to notice what he had that I didn’t... attention from our parents and love.
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