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My name is Evelyn Finch and I am in Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat put me in Hufflepuff because I value my relationships with other people and try to be as kind to everyone as I possibly can. I'm very loyal and hardworking. It took the Sorting Hat a very long time to sort me as I displayed traits of Slytherin and Ravenclaw as well. The classes I enjoyed the most were flying (although I wasn't very good), History of Magic, and Herbology. My least favorite classes were probably Potions and DADA because I couldn't get anything right. I did well in all of my classes and enjoyed them all, but some of them were extremely hard and made me feel like a failure. I am a half-blood. My mom is a witch but my dad is a muggle. I think that I am lucky to have some pure-blood in me since muggle borns are so hated on. I don't think I would take hate well. I think the time period with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was an extremely scary period of time, but I think it made everyone realize how much kindness matters and I think a lot of people truly discovered themselves. My greatest strength would have to be my intelligence and resourcefulness. My greatest weakness is that i am too nice. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and always give infinite chances. I can't be intentionally mean to save my life. I would like to be a Herbology professor. Maybe there's some correlation between Hufflepuff and plants since head of Hufflepuff house was a herbology teacher, but I strongly considered being a History of Magic teacher as well. I might also own a shop in Hogsmeade but I don't know what I would sell. I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is that once you have it you can't imagine living without it. I would like to use magic to help others and to help myself. I think everyone can benefit from magic. I have 2 cats. One named Sophia and one named Winston.
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