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Before coming to Hogwarts I lived in Glendalough, Ireland with my parents and 5 siblings to which I am the eldest child. Upon arriving at Hogwarts I was very nervous to be sorted, luckily my sorting was quick and I was promptly placed in Gryffindor House. I am particularly looking forward to Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. Both of my parents attended Hogwarts, my mom was a Ravenclaw and my dad a Gryffindor. Before them most of my family were Ravenclaws. I find that the traits of both of my parents and the Hogwarts Houses they were placed in have made me a hard worker with a great sense of loyalty and a knack for getting into trouble. Once I finish school I would like to be an Auror like my father so that I can use magic to help people. My wand is made of willow wood, it is 12 ¼" in length, it is quite bendy, and has a unicorn hair core. I am looking forward to practicing the Patronus Charm to determine what my Patronus will take shape as.

I like reading and listening to classic rock music.
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