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(Shift backstory - Actual age - 22)


My name is Alex Roberts. I'm 17 yrs old. I like to cook, sing, dance, sew, read, and watch movies. What can I say? I'm an eclectic type of gal! I get really shy, but once you get to know me I'm really fun! I can plan violin, piano, guitar, and the kalimba. I am really good at basketball and volleyball. I am also a good dancer. I am fluent in Greek and English. I do struggle with ADHD, and it makes me stand out a lot. My mom left me and my dad to pursue her career as an opera singer when I was 6 yrs old. My dad continued to raise me and left on a business trip that was suppose to last for 4 months. That was 16 years ago. My Grandma Deborah took me in and now reside in Camden, London. One day, I was told to clean the attic and not touch a yellow trunk. Evidently I did. But as I was moving stuff around, a jar of powder (which I later learn to be floo powder) fell into the trunk and I was transported to the Hufflepuff boys dorm. That's where I met Cedric Diggory, who unlocked out of the trunk. It was convenient because I got sorted into Hufflepuff! My Grandma Deborah use to be a gypsy, but was shunned out of the group once they found out she was a bruja. She ran away and met Hagrid, where she attended Hogwarts. She was none as the "different witch", where she used varied methods of magic from her African culture. She's travelled the world twice and has picked up every type of magic. She now runs a magic shop that sells crystals and gives out tarot readings. It turns out my mom had made a bargain with Euterpe, the goddess of lyrical poetry, to reach her life long dream of being an opera singer. She made a deal that Euterpe will help her reach the top unless she promises to do whatever Euterpe tells her. She does. Euterpe gives her a potion that is called Siren's Song. Then, she got pregnant with me and decided to take a break. Euterpe was fine with this until I was 6 yrs old. Euterpe got impatient and told her she had to continue to work for her or my mom would have to trade my life for hers. So, she left. It turns out, Siren's Song is genetic. It makes my voice put people in a trance when they hear it and I tend to get persuasive. It makes me stand out in Frog Choir, too.. My voice has also sway people in whatever emotion the song I sing invokes. One time, I sang "The Point of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera. Well...let's just say Cedric had a real hard time focusing on his homework, that's for sure. I host a dance and girls support club called the H.F.E.C. (Hogwarts Female Empowerment Club). Each house has their own representive. Hermione for Gryffindor, Luna for Ravenclaw, Emily-Anne for Slytherin, and myself for Hufflepuff. In our club, we talk about how to handle our deepest, darkeat fears, build self-esteem, embrace our femininity, how to stand up to bullies, ask for advice amongst peers, etc. Oh, and we performed dance routines for Slughorn's Christmas Party, the Triwizard Tournament, and the Ice Cream parlor's 300th anniversary.

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