Persephone Hadrian


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Persephone Hadrian
5'9" ; hazel eyes ; straight chestnut brown hair down to her shoulder blades ; bangs covering her forehead until just above her eyebrows
Wand: Acacia wood, Unicorn Hair core, 9-1/4", extremely rigid

I could have been a Ravenclaw, except ivory tower theories are useless without real life application. My father says I'm too clever for my own good and my persistent search for useful knowledge gets me into trouble far too often. He worries that my fascination with magic will cause me to forget my muggle roots, as if that could happen. I am aware that reading is not the sort of social activity that he would choose for me, but that doesn't mean I'll suddenly forget the function of a toaster or become a total recluse. I am owed this knowledge through my mother's blood and I have no intention of squandering the opportunity presented to me.
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