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My name is Ava Clark. I am in my 6th year at hogwarts. I was sorted into the RavenClaw house. I think the Sorting hat made his decision because ive always valued knowledge. I think im quite clever and i usually solve problems with words and not actions. I enjoyed Muggle studies the most so far. I also enjoy the History of magic class. And i particularly didnt like the defende against the dark arts class. The teachers tend to change alot and the class is very unorganized. I am half-blood. My mother is a witch. And my father is a muggle. I never really had problems with my blood status until my third year in hogwarts when some slytherns picked on me. The chaos regarding He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named happened during my 5th year in hogwarts. It was quite scary. My mother pulled me out of school for a while when she saw it in the news. I like the beauty of magic. When i found out i was a witch i just wanted to learn more and more of how it works and which spells do what and the history of it all always intrigued me. When i graduate i want to work as a research assistant. Researching the everyday events the happen in the magic world. I want to use magic to help others. If research doesn’t work out i would want to be a healer. And learn to heal with magic. My mother worked with healing magic. And she always had me intrested in it. Since im an only child, i was always with her and used to shadow her at her job as she treated injured wizards and witches with her magic. I want to be like her one day.
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