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Hi, you can call me Cassie! :) you can send me an owl if you want to talk <3 (same if you'd like to roleplay, I love roleplaying hehe)

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I've been sent to the badger House for a reason: I'm calm and nice and loyal, but trust me when I say you do not want me to get angry. Badgers can be dangerous creatures.

Cassiopeia Winchester was born on the fourth of April, in America. Her parents both were magical beings and worked as Aurors in the United States. Unfortunately, both of them died fighting before Cassiopeia turned two years old and she had to be sent to her Father's brother who lived in Sweden with his wife. Both of them took her in with open arms and they treated her like their own child, as they couldn't have one of their own. It was like Cassiopeia was an opportunity for them to have a baby, even if the conditions were a tragedy.

Growing up, Cassiopeia's legal tutors went from Uncle and Aunt to Mum and Dad as they became her parental figures. She swam in magic during her whole childhood until the three of them moved to England to be closer to her Mum's family, who were Muggles. And from this moment, she also entered a non-magical world and discovered a lot more about Muggles.

When she turned eleven years old, Cassiopeia was impatient to receive her Hogwarts letter, as her parents had told her a lot about this school. She wasn't expecting a letter from Ilvermorny, the American magical school, but she still got one, as she also had this nationality.

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│ ✧ nicknames: cassie, sunshine, cinnabun...

🙞  Hufflepuff - First Year - Hogwarts

🙞  11 years old - she/her - Aries - INFP - pansexual

🙞  wand: willow wood, phoenix core, 12 3/4", slightly yielding

🙞 boggart: a personification of her anxiety

🙞 patronus: Siberian Cat

🙞  physical description:

  ༄ redhead, hazel eyes, 5'1"

  ༄ shoulder-length hair until third/fourth year when she decided to let it grow; long hair, usually tied in a braid

  ༄ the freckles & dimples charming duo

  ༄ always wears earrings and a necklace gifted by her Mum

🙞  family:

  ༄ Rose Winchester (mother) , Millard Winchester (father) 

  ༄ Fiona Winchester (aunt, adoptive mother), Hugh Winchester (uncle, adoptive father)

  ༄ Kaya Mikaelson (muggle aunt, mother's side), David Mikaelson (muggle uncle), Ariana and Joshua Mikaelson (muggle cousins)

  ༄ Ruby (pet, owl), Sandstorm (pet, cat)

🙞  personality:

Cassiopeia is one of the nicest and softest witches you'll meet. The littlest can get her excited and when she gets interested in something (or someone), she quickly is passionate. She can quickly get bored, too, so be careful to keep up! Set on being kind and making people comfortable around her, she's the type of person who would put others' needs before her own. She is selfless, loyal, and passionate... But you know what they say, she'd be part of the "is a cinnamon roll but could kill you" category.

As she does everything in her power to stay positive and spread this positivity around her, she keeps her negative feelings deep inside her. She's building up and is bound to explode at some point. Cassiopeia is quiet and doesn't open up that often, especially when it's not going well.

Quite naive as well, she easily gives her trust to people, wanting to see good in everyone rather than be cautious around someone and miss on the opportunity of an amazing friendship, for instance. That's why old House rivalry means nothing to her. Cassiopeia may give her trust too easily, but good luck with having it back once you break it. Betrayal is one thing Cassiopeia can't forget and forgive, she's not that stubborn or resentful, and she's merciful, but don't expect things to go back as it was before the crime.

🙞 hobbies:

  ༄ likes - snow, chocolate, animals (magical or not) especially cats, drawing...

  ༄ dislikes - feeling overwhelmed, injustice, violence, spiders, her anxiety...

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