Sveta Verlette

Student who studies (or not)

Hello there! You can always DM me if you want to talk, or work on hw, I'm in 1st year and just completed intros :3 Do not expect me to answer quickly :P

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I'm a Ravenclaw. The sorting hat took some time with me, it didn't take as long as some other people but it had some trouble deciding whether I should go to Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff eventually deciding on the first.

I am still confused on why I was put in this house because I am not a genius in any way. Sure, I am okay at school and am passionate about learning but being in the same house as the school's brightest minds can be stressful at times.

My favorite classes are astronomy, charms, flying, and potions. The least favorite ones are herbology and the care of magical creatures.

I am a muggleborn, although my mother can do magic she is a muggleborn as well and never went to any school of magic. This affected my life in the wizarding world a lot. I don't know many magical sports and traditions, culture, in general, is new to me. It also made my life harder because of a big amount of wizards that think that pure-blooded families are better than muggleborns. My greatest strength is my intuition while my greatest weakness is trusting everyone and not knowing when to stop.

she/her mostly but anything else is fine too

Grades: ASTR-101: in progress (lesson 1) CHRM-101: in progress (lesson 1) DADA-101: in progress (lesson 1) HERB-101: in progress (lesson 1) HOM-101: in progress (lesson 1) PTNS-101: in progress (lesson 1) TNFG-101: in progress (lesson 1)

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