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I was sorted into Gryffindor, the sorting hat said i reminded him of someone. Harry potter. The sorting hat took a long time to truly figure out my house. For a long time he thought Hufflepuff, but realized i was just a little to manipulative. My favorite classes are defense against the dark arts, potions, charms/spells , and flying lessons. My least favorite is herbology. Plants aren't my specialty. I am a half-blood. Mother witch, Father teacher. I was luckily on a trip to the U.S. when You-know-who was in power, visiting friends. I am best at spells and charms and i am awful at identifying herbs though, and can get tricked into eating a bad plant. I think once i graduate i want to learn about muggles so i can see what my Father's life was like. I think i's amazing that things everyone claimed to be impossible are real and can happen. you just have to look in the right place. I'll use magic to help others and i admit it, sometimes myself too... but only when needed. What i want more then anything in the world is to receive the love i give. cause sometimes i am s nice as possible and in return i end up being the one who has to cry. I have 1 pet Owl named Snowflake. She is very naughty nd causes trouble but she also helps you whenever needed and is very loyal and protective. My dad doesn't want me going to Hogwarts because he wants me to be around the family more but my mom wants me to get a good education on wizard and witch things so i can defend myself. I agree with my mother.
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