Ella Louise


Make your own magic. Or dont... but who would want to live the boring life?

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A bit about me...

Patronous: Otter

Nationality: German & American

Height: 5'1

Bloodstatus: Half-blood

Wand: Pear wood; unicorn hair core; 11"; quite bendy flexibility

My story....

I was born in Germany to witch Kelly and muggle Heinrich. My mom was a Navy brat from America who was taught magic by her mother while the family traveled the country due to her muggle fathers naval service. My father was a pilot and engineer in the German Air Force, who got engaged to my mother after only a week of their meeting, they shortly after settled down in a small town in Germany having both me and my brother. Apparently magic runs in the women in our family as I grew up being homeschooled in magic while my brother attended a muggle school nearby. When he would come home, I would often run off with him to spend time in the farms nearby playing with bowtruckles and other creatures together. After our father passed away my family moved back to the States in California nearby old family friends who had served in the Navy with my Grandfather. Living in a muggle area, my mother made the decision that it would be best if I attended school with my brother. However, a few years later I was offered acceptance into both Hogwarts and Ilvernmorny, however in the end I commited to Hogwarts for a number of reasons, but mainly due to their academic reputation of having formed many of the greatest wizards known and due to the other mysterys held there. (which I can now attest are worth exploring!) As for advice I can give you, dont wait around for magical opportunities or people to sweep you off your feet, make your own magic. Or dont... but who would want to live the boring life?

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