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When I got to Hogwarts I was sorted into Slytherin house. The sorting was immediate, seconds after it being on my head I was placed. My personal favorite is Potions, I enjoy what we learn and I understand it the best. I don't really like DADA. I did well in Herbology but it definitely wasn't my personal favorite. As stated before I am pureblood. My blood status has made my life a bit harder over the years, my parents don't believe the pureblood supremacist, which like the Weasley turned us into blood traders in the eyes of Families like the Malfoys. I was apart of the DA with Harry and the other students. It was definitely one of the scariest times in my life, I wasn't sure who to trust or if I turned a corner someone would grab me to try to get information out of me. My greatest strength is hexes, much like Ginny. People i care about is my weakness, if he-who-shall-not-be-named took a friend or family member I would do anything, and that is my down fall. i want to be an Auror when I finish school. I think its so fascinating that putting in certain things into a pot and brewing it can make someone fall in love with you, or change you into a different person. I would love to use magic to help others but I do not think I would be good as a healer, and only if absolutely necessary will I use my magic to further my own needs. I have a snowy owl named Blizzard, she's a very calm Owl yet protective. As said before my parents were also known as blood traders like the Weasley. Since both my family and the Wealsey's were blood traders we were close, I grew up with all the boys and Ginny due to our families similarities.
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