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My characters were born twins in Godrics hollow around 2005 they lived with their mother and father who run a grindylow farm they grew up in a strict household which made them both smart and respectful...they do tend to cause mischief though...Ella is a dream to be around with her sarcastic and confident but lovable personality and Alek is a handsome cunning gentlemen who tends to be a bit of a trouble maker...but if you get to know him hes quite shy
Name: Ella Alkander
Sexuality/gender : bisexual/female
House: Slytherin
Hometown: Godrics hollow
Blood Status : Pure blood
Wand : Rose wood unicorn core 12 in springy
Patronus: (accidentally discovered) Manx cat
Pet in hogwarts: Oliver (cavalier king charles spaniel dog)
Appearance : 5'5 with blondeish brown hair and bright green eyes
Theme song: Rat ~ Penelope Scott (the hot girl in your comp sci class,born and raised to kick your ass)

Name: Alek Alkander
Sexuality/gender: bisexual/male
House : Slytherin
hometown : Godrics hollow
Blood status: Pure blood
Wand : oak wood dragon core 10 in springy
Patronus : Horse
Pet in hogwarts: black unicorn (Moon)
Appearance : 6'2 with black hair and green eyes identical to Ellas
Theme song : The Word ~ Alec Wigdahl (knew from the start i would just fall again...)

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STARTERS (these rarely have to do with harry potter because i mainly join hp rps and not make them)
owl me if youd like to do any of these even if we are already rping
1..Oceania Cadets
(open rp//science fiction romance//any gender//i will be using both my ocs and your welcome to have two as well but anymore than that will be confusing//)

Ella woke up and hit her head on the pod wall she had been having a nightmare again...she heard the screams of all the people and saw the asteroids and tsunamis raging for the most destruction possible again...she saw her mothers face as her brother Alek threw her onto the ship that had already selected who was to be saved and brought to train for the re creation of earth...they are calling it Oceania 2 Project and Ella and her brother were selected for it...the participants..called cadets...have been kept in solitary confinement from the other cadets until today...today is initiation and all of the cadets will meet up
(do your characters intro and how their morning started then i will do inititaion)


(Open rp /fxm/fantasy /enemys to lovers/ nothing passed kissing pls)

As the first female ruler of a distant empire Ella has a tremendous amount of responsibility on her shoulders. However, shes only 16 years old, and wants to have the freedom to spend time alone, be with her friends, and fall in love -none of which can happen with bodyguards hovering around all the time. Instead of letting her follow her dreams her mother agrees to let, the king of a nearby planet arrange that she marry his son: a boy of 16 that's over confident and knows he looks good. she received a letter from the prince the next day and the letter read...

3. Death eater training camp
Alek ruffled his hair nervously, he had been taken in the middle of the night by some hooded man that called himself "the follower" all of this was stupid really, Alek knew what was happening,who had taken him,and why he was there...he had been training for it his whole life and now it was finally happening...Alek was going to train to become a death eater, the regal gate in front of him opened with a hiss and he saw the other students


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