Maria Rose


hello I'm a first year Slytherin who will hopefully get to be your friend someday

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I'm a Slytherin, I'm pretty sure the sorting hat put me there because I'm ambitious and can be pretty sly. It didn't take too long to be sorted but not too quickly either, I'm pretty sure the sorting hat was stuck between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I take charms, history of magic, care of magical creatures, transfiguration, runes and my favorites, potions and herbology. I do well in potions because I'm very precise and I just really like plants luckily they seem to like me too.. I'm half-blood so luckily I already knew a thing or too. I still get looked down on a bit for being half-blood by some ignorant pure bloods but they're just stupid, pompous, bigots so it doesn't bother me. my greatest strength is probably my memory, its probably why I don't mess up my potions recipes. I'd never tell anyone my greatest weakness, it can be used against me. After I finish school I think I'd like to have my own apothecary, selling ingredients and potions. Magic is a tool and can do the impossible it fascinates me how something so impossible can exist. I would like to help others with magic but not at my own expense, magic is a gift however I won't sacrifice myself. I want a quite life and for people to be equal no matter race, gender, sexuality or blood status.
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