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Saucy Gryffindor. Nuff Said.

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I was sorted into Gryffindor, because honor and bravery at at the core of my being. Much to my surprise the decision came rather immediately because I always felt I could swing in the opposite direction into Slytherin because ambition and resourcefulness are deep in my roots as well. I like to take Herbology , Astronomy and Charms the most.Potions can be quite the headache though. I naturally do well in History of Magic because I tend to have an affinity for things of old. I come from a blended family of both magic and non magic, making me a halfblood.My blood status doesn't really effect how others treat me, I am generally liked by most. I was pretty young when he who must not be named was in power, but I'm thankful for the sacrifices that were made for us to live a safer life now. My greatest strength is my compassion and empathy. We don't need to get into my greatest weaknesses, I'm still figuring those out and don't rather think it smart to put into an online bio. After I finish school I can see myself a professor, teaching the next generation to hone their gifts and to respectfully and confidently harness them. Magic in itself is fascinating. Theres so may different types of magic and everyone interprets it differently. I want to be able to help people at the end of the day. I have one cat, her name is Chess, she's a cuddly thing but can sense negativity like tuna. My family is pretty torn about me attending Hogwarts, but all in all they want me to be happy and know this is what I want to do.

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