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My father was were tortured and killed by Voldemort when I was 4 months old and I was raised by my secret death eater mother who is abusive and treats me like a house elf and that only married my dad for his money. My mother hates me because I have colour changing eyes that change colour to the emotion I'm feeling (Red for angry, blue for sad, pink for love, black for empty, green for envy and yellow for happy. because of this my mum thinks ima demon child), Im a born animagus and metamorphmagus and have elemental magic. when I recived my hogwarts letter my mother used the cruciatus curse on me and refused to let me go so on the 31st of August I ran away from home and went to diagon ally to buy my supplies and stayed the night at leaky cauldron. when I got to hogwarts I was sorted into Slytherin and became best friends with Scorpio Malfoy.
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