Evie Fonseka


Gryffindor-Ravenclaw hybrid with a dainty sprinkle of Slytherin and a Potterhead since 2003 // ooc

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Name: Evie Aiko (愛子) Fonseka
DOB: 8th of May, 2003
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Location: NSW, Australia
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Sycamore, dragon heartstring, 9 1/2 inches,
surprisingly swishy flexibility
Familiar: Somali cat named Winston
Patronus: West Highland Terrier

Nobody ever said it would be easy to be a Gryffindor in her seventh year at Hogwarts. I mean, sure, the famous Boy-Who-Lived was a Gryffindor, but none of that matters when you come from a pureblood family entirely comprised of Ravenclaws.

My mother, an accomplished Healer, has always pushed my brother and I to be the best in our year, encouraging us to prioritise academics over anything else. My brother, Axel, graduated Hogwarts 3 years ago to begin his training as a Healer, exactly as my mother intended. He’s also a part-time Dueller; Axel has confided in me before that, if it were truly up to him, he would’ve become an Auror, a job my mother had deemed far too dangerous for us to even consider. To compensate for his Gryffindor-esque thirst for adventure (bit of a hatstall at his Sorting Ceremonry), he took up Duelling as a hobby during his time in school (my mother still has no idea how he’s making quite so much money as a student Healer, and she would be furious if she ever discovered those monthly tournaments my brother always participated in).

Of course, being the youngest and only daughter, my mother expected me to follow in both his and her footsteps as well... until I realised I didn’t quite fancy myself a Healer, or a Ravenclaw, for that matter. This proved true during my Sorting Ceremony, where I was noted as a particularly long hatstall, taking the Sorting Hat at least 15 minutes to make a decision. My Ravenclaw heritage was strong, yes, but my rebellious nature and disregard for authority overruled my thirst for knowledge and desire for order, the latter only really having been drilled into me by my parents since a young age. Halfway through, the Hat went a bit loopy and started considering Slytherin? Something about a strong thirst to prove myself... I should honestly just be grateful I ended up here and not in the snake’s den (if it weren’t for Axel’s satisfactorily competent brain, he would be there, trust).

Despite all that, my intelligence still shone, with my best class being Study of Ancient Runes (absolutely love studying languages, I even learned a bit of Japanese before Hogwarts), and my favourite classes are Herbology and Potions. As a rather introverted Gryffindor, plants and the essence of dittany were always so much easier to understand than humans. When i’m not studying, you can find me reading fiction in the quiet of the library or playing Exploding Snap with my friends in the courtyard under the shade of our usual tree. I’m still not quite sure what I should do after graduating, but if being a proper Auror is absolutely out of the question for my mother, I would like to try my hand at joining the Investigation Department of the Auror Office in the Ministry of Magic. Logic puzzles and mysteries were always a source of interest to me.
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