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Julian Blackthorn is part of a pureblood family. Ironically, he was raised as a muggle. He comes from a big, and very reputable family. So, much is expected of him. Julian was raised in India, and he was born Julia. On top of being muggle raised, and trans, Julian is also bi. He often scoffed, saying that his parents wanted a perfect child, and they got a complete disappointment.

Julian was also trained with many forms of hand-to-hand combat, as well as a range of weapons. He grew up in the city, but had a family manor near the beach. Muggles were glamoured to see it as a desolate and abandoned house. Julian has a favoured weapon, the crossbow for long range, and the katana for immediate combat. He is quite nimble on his feet, and interestingly, has won several gymnastic awards as a child.

He lived as a muggle till the age of 14, when he was finally accepted into Hogwarts. He was overjoyed at the thought of getting out of the reach of his vicious family. He was sorted into Slytherin, and became one of the most popular boys in his House, due to his family name. Unfortunately, him coming from a muggle home, did make him a target for horrible teasing from the older kids.

As to why he was raised as a muggle, his parents thought it would give him the largest range of skills. In fact, while he is at Hogwarts, he is still taking online courses from muggle schools. Life is quite hard for him.

Over a course of few months, his classmates stopped seeing him as a Blackthorn, and more as the fake, a muggle, who was trying to weasel his way into magic. He became more of a quiet boy, always either studying, reading or brooding in the dark corners of the school. One day, after having a chat with a certain ghost, Julian decided to take on a new role. He started to adopt the personality he needed to be, so he could fit in. He learnt dangerous things, and used his wits to survive. Soon he became one of the top Slytherins, the most feared student of his house. Despite this, Julian tried to keep the real him safe, and would often disappear, to do what made him happy.

As for his interests, Julian has always loved the Finer Arts. Theatre, music, they all call to him, and he can often be found checking out non-magical books from the library. He is a passionate artist and writer, and secretly has an online avatar who posts his works. He even managed to sneak in a guitar. If Julian cannot be found, he is probably sitting in the Room of Requirement, working on his arts, or novel, in some cozy nook.

Character Information

Name: Julian Sirius Blackthorn

Age: 15 (depends on rp)

Description: 5'9", golden-brown skin, short black wavy hair, black eyes

Grandparents: Lucretia Black and Ignatius Thorn
(Yes, Sirius Black is his blood-related uncle)
(And yes, his grandparents combined their last names to form a new family line, The Blackthorns)

Parents: Cygnus Blackthorn and Dorea Crouch

Sibling: Orion Blackthorn
(younger brother)

Year: First Year

Courses: Charms, Potions, Defence Against Dark Arts

Hobbies: Theatre, Art, Writing, Music

Sexuality: Bisexual

Gender: Transmale

Pet: Great Horned Owl
Name: Hermes

Patronus: Black Swan

Wand: Sycamore wood with a unicorn hair core, 14.5 inches and slightly springy flexibility

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