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Hello, my name's Mati and I'm form Italy.
My parents are muggles so I'm a muggleborn witch.
I attended elementary school in Italy, Tuscany. Then my father was promoted in his muggle job and the whole family moved to England! I didn't had much time to explore the muggle England because little after we settled in the country my Hogwarts letter arrived! It came as a shock to me and my parents! At first we thought it was a joke but the adult witch that gave me the letter explained everything about the wizarding world.
So I packed all my things and can't wait to start my new adventure at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
The sorting hat put me in Slytherin. At first, I didn't know the differences between the houses. But now I had to say that Slytherin's the best! I wouldn't want to be in any other house. We are cunning and resourceful. But the main reason why I feel so proud to be a Slytherin is because of professor, and then headmaster Severus Snape. Whomever says he was a bad person didn't understand him at all. He was the truest person ever! He was one of the most powerful wizard with the bravest heart. He has all my respect and love.
Anyway, it is very important to me to say that I love everything of the wizarding world and meet new friends from other houses is just as important as to meet friends from my own. The Dark Lord times are over. Not all Slytherin are bad people. I think it is time now to pass over old prejudices and live together in a better world, a magic one!
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