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Hi! I'm Sofi and I'll be the best person you've ever met or something ... Let's be friends, you don't lose anything!

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Name: Sofia Pierce Age: 16 (November 17, 2004)

Blood status: Pure

House: Slytherin

Appearance: Unfortunately I am a fucking hobbit (1,58, don´t  judge me), I have long black hair and my eyes are brown.

Patronus: Piebald Stallion

Biography: Born into the Pierce family, a family that for generations remained in the house of snakes. The magic in her appeared "late" according to family members and many believed it to be a disgrace. When she was 5 years old, Sofia entered the world of magic, becoming the pride of her family. Her grandmother was a teacher of Charms and her father a teacher Against the Dark Arts, she is a diligent teenager and quite astute, achieving all her purposes. Your goal is to become an Auror. She has an older brother named Jordan Pierce, who like her sister, her dream is to be an Auror. She is usually quite quiet, cold and closed with people, however, with close people she is usually very cloying and smiling. The hat almost placed her in the Gryffindor house, with the excuse that they had many qualities of this house, such as daring and an endless taste for challenges. She doesn't care about blood statuses, her family always taught her that we are more than one blood type. Whether you are pure or not, it doesn't matter, what matters is your personality and your honesty. Her favorite subjects are Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

(Do not blame me for writing in the third person, although I would have loved to say that I am clever and, according to me, perfect, I couldn't ... why? I do not know.)

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