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I come from a family of Slytherins, formerly part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. But after my uncle decided to marry a Muggleborn woman our family got banished from the Circle.
Along with the Weasley Family, my Family is one of the Few Pureblood Families that has nothing against Muggles.
My deceased father was a former employee of the Ministry and part of the Department of International Magical Cooperation.
My mother was a former Auror, but vanished shortly after my father was murdered.
The person raising me was my Uncle Callan, but he was at work most of the day, so I tried to look after myself as best as I could.

School wise I spend most of my time either in the Library or on the Quidditchfield.
I may not be a top student but I'm trying my best.
My favourite classes are DADA, Care for Magical Creatures, Charms and Astronomy

What's your name? Asmodeus Khan
Are you Single? Yeah, right now I'm just concentrating on school. Maybe when I get the chance or meet the right person...
Are you happy? I mean, does being happy over food count...?
Are you angry? Who isn't?
Are your parents still married? Technically yeah. Well, my dad got murdered and my mom vanished to Merlin knows where. So it's actually more my mom being a widow, i think.

Birthplace: Portree, Isle of Skye
Hair colour: Black with a thick white strand
Eye colour: Khan has Heterochromia, his left eye is seagrass green with tiny golden sprinkles, his left eye is dark bloodred
Birthday: May 5th
Species: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexuality: Pansexual
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Scottish
Residence: Portree, Isle of Skye
Myer Briggs Personality Type: ESFP

1st Wand:
- Mahogany
- 12 1/2
- Rigid (unyielding)
- White River Monster Spine core

2nd Wand:
- Elder Wood
- 12 1/2
- Rigid (unyielding)
- Phoenix Feather Core

Boggart form: a shadow (related to his past)
Riddikulus Form: a bright light eating up the shadow form

Amortentia (what he smells): mint, burned paper, something he can't really get a hang of
Amortentia (what others would smell): burned caramel, rain, coffee beans

Patronus: Fox

Patronus Memory: His Dad and Mom dancing together in the kitchen

Mirror of Erised: Himself with his future s/o

~Specialized/Favourite Spells~
- Wandless Magic
- Appare Vestigium: Reveals traces of magic, including footprints and track marks.
- Avenseguim: Turns an object into a tracking device
- Expecto Patronum: The Patronus Charm, expecto patronum, conjures a silvery phantom shape, usually that of an animal, which is the embodiment of the positive thoughts of the caster. A Patronus will drive away Dementors.
- Silencio: Magically silences the target of the spell.

To strangers he comes of as rude and not nice to be around. But he's actually really friendly to his friends and the only reason he comes of as rude to strangers is just that the boy has no good social skills at all.
Normally though he's actually pretty funny and if it needs to be done, then he's gonna punch somebody without thinking twice. And if you bully or hurt one of his friends you better pray to Merlin that he won't find you, because he would hurt you 100 times more than what you did to his friends.
And his stubbornness is going to get him into serious trouble at some point.
He is all over pretty sarcastic and the sass... god, the sass. It's surprising how he didn't got into detention with Snape yet.
But all together he is a pretty good person, you just need to dig pretty deep to get to know all of him. But with time he'll warm up to you.

Hair colour: Black with a thick white strand

Eye colour: Khan has Heterochromia, his left eye is seagrass green with tiny golden sprinkles, his left eye is dark bloodred

Height: 5'9

Weight: 160 lbs

Physique: Broad and quite muscular

Skin Tone: lightly tanned

Scarring: He has a slash mark across his face leaving his right eye blind. Another scar is on his back after an accident he had when he was five.
His biggest scar is all over his chest after a nasty accident that almost killed him
And smaller scars littered all over his body.

(on himself)
- his wand/wandholder on his left hip
- writing journal about everything he comes across
- a small knife in case he loses his wand

- necklace made by his mother
- several books from simple/advanced spells to even dark magic
- spell resistant leather jacket from his father for protection

- Nose ring
- Two ear lobes on each side

- Family crest tattoo on the left shoulder blade: a raven engulfed in flames
- Sunflower tattoo on his right side: starts at his right chest and goes all the way down to his right hip; infused with magic so depending on what he feels the flower colour changes

- Hogwarts House: Slytherin

- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

~Hogwarts Information~

Class Proficiencies:
- Transfiguration: O
- Charms: O
- Potions: A
- History of Magic: A
- Astronomy: E
- Herbology: E
- Flying: E

- Arithmancy: A
- Study of Ancient Runes: E
- Care of Magical Creatures: E

Quidditch: Chaser

Extra Curricular:
- Quidditch
- Frog Choir

Favourite Teachers:

- Professor McGonagall
- Professor Snape

Least Favourite Professors:
- Professor Trelawney

- He had a Rottweiler named Void he had since he was a baby, basically the family dog. Was allowed to keep him at Hogwarts after his Dad got killed and his Mom vanished
- Without his parents knowing he befriended a Hippogreif in the woods near their old home. He named him King
- Before he got accepted to Hogwarts he got a eagle owl from his mother. He named her Majesty

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