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*Transfer from Ilvermorny (House:Thunderbird) *Princess of the Ravenclaw family //[Descriptive HP RP] Feel free to send me an owl!

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Being newly transferred student from Ilvermorny, Bridgette might seem like a typical student in the halls of Hogwarts, unless you knew her secret.
She studied at Ilvermorny, taking in the different styles of spell casting and potion making that the ancestors of the Salem witches had taken pride in teaching for many years at the school, even thinking this would be the place where she would finnish her academic career, yet it would not come to pass. One morning as she sat at breakfast, her faithful tawny owl, Archimedes, brought her a letter from her father. The moment struck her as odd since she hadn't heard from him since she was sent to live with her uncle to be "kept safe". Occasionally her Uncle would give her updates on her father in his letters, but no letter specifically come from her father to her. As she cautiously opened the letter and focused on reading amongst the dull roar of chattering students, her heart sank. He was summoning her home after the term. she would finish the remainder of her schooling at Hogwarts. There was a few bits he offered in the letter to console what he must have known would be a heartbroken daughter..."Your mother and I attended Hogwarts" she gave a deep sigh, "their quidditch teams are just as good as Ilvermorny, if not better." She suddenly realized her face was in a scowl, her father's words suddenly making her feel as if the dining hall around her was growing darker. As she read on her fathers explanation didn't exactly make her feel any more keen on her impending relocation.
"Certain matters have come to my attention, it has been my conclusion that you might be better protected here at home."
What matters? Granted it was hard to miss some of the students whispering behind her in the halls, but that was typical school antics, right? None of them could possibly know that she was a direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw. Her father and uncle had been so careful, even making her use a different last name when she enrolled. How could someone possibly know? Part of her felt as if she had been constantly living underneath the shadow that her true name cast, an impossible name to live up to. Now her father wanted her back home to go to the very school that a house bared her family name? Suddenly a sick feeling hit her stomach and she quickly pushed her plate away. Her head began to spin as the thoughts of her trip began to form. What would her life be like at Hogwarts? Would she really be any safer there?
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