August Longbottom

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I've been sorted into Ravenclaw owing to the fact that wisdom, creativity, wit, and the curiousness are what I most value. I almost get sorted in slytherin but luckily I ended up with the eagles. My favorite subjects are Herbology, Charms, Potions, Astrology and Defense Against the Dark Arts. The least favorite subject is Divination, it's boring and I'm used to sleep in the middle of the class. I'm a muggleborn which means that I get good marks in Muggle Studies and i find it really boring. I remember that, because of being a muggleborn, (dirty blood for some) it was too dangerous and i had to protect me and my family.
My biggest strength, i think it's my wit, creativity and curiousness. I love find the answers to my friends' problems. My biggest weakness is my impatient and my failure fear; I don't like lose, I don't like accept that I'm wrong, i hate getting wrong because I think I'm failing. Besides, I'm get nerveuse and anxious really easily. I would like to be an Herbology or Potions Professor. I haven't got graduate yet. I love everything related to the magic, basically I love magic in general and I would like to use it for both. I really want to be someone in my life, although I hate thinking in the future, i afraid of it. Yes, i have an owl and her name is Redmoon. funfact: I'm use to get lost in my thoughts so, don't be suppressed if I get distracted.

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