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Kaito Suzuki.- Kaito Suzuki was born on october 31st of 2002(may vary with roleplay),He was raised in a small village in Japan, eventually his mother was remarried and traveled to america with her new husband and of course, baby Kaito. All of Kaito’s young years were spent being made fun of, one day Mrs. Suzuki had had enough and took him to the doctors where he was diagnosed with alexithymia. He grew up being called a freak. One day, October 31st, He was sitting on his window seat, watching the children go from door to door full of emotion, wishing he could feel what they felt. Antoinette.- Antoinette was born on december 30th 2004(may very)into a ling string that was her family. Born into a wealthy family she was raised well, people adored her, she on the other hand didn't let the fame get to her, she kept pushing in the arts and science, wanting to be a teacher after highschool . Felicity.-Felicity was born on June 27th in the busy streets of New York into a middle working class family, She was in an abusive home her whole life and ran away at the age of 18, Working at a club as a dancer for money as she enjoyed dancing and finally being free, Now 23 and living in a small apartment in New York she still enjoys dancing. Dylan Vehring- Dylan was born April 1st , a loud crier according to his mother. He enjoys painting and fashion and absolutely LOVES pink, He's bubbly and very fun to be around , but he has a secret behind his cheery image that is yet to be discovered. Minjun-Min-Jun was born December 27th to a poor family in Korea, working in the farm his whole life before moving to New York for a fresh start after the death of his ill mother, He chose to work at a cafe as he loved the environment He lives in the suburbs and works at a small coffee shop around town. dae-sun- Dae-Sun was born August 17th, Into a royal family chain in Korea, hiding his royalty and moving away to Washington for a new life as he didn't want people to value him for his money, He is very confident and knows his worth as he works at a local bookstore.




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