Jupiter Lazirir

1st year student

hi im Jupiter! if ur lgbtq friendly u can stay uwu. feel free to message me to talk or rp bc id love to! In private I can rp ccs if u want. Yeehaw!

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My dad is a halfblood and was the third generation to marry a pureblood, making me the first pureblood generation of my family. I have two fathers, only they're very busy with work and everything so I rarely see them. And when I do see them, they're really strict on everything I do. I love them tho. they're probably just strict because they dont want to loose me. They both went to Durmstrang school.

Before I went to a Wizarding school, my fathers insisted me to go to a boarding school. So I wouldn't become a stuck up pureblood that didn't know anything about the muggle world. Not a lot of people liked me there, and I got bullied but now that I'm almost 11 I'm finally going to Hogwarts!

I got sorted into Slytherin. My dorm room is quite cozy and nice and the library is huge! I spend hours in there searching for history, astrology and anatomy books. And I gotta tell ya, there are quite some muggle books in there. I absolutely love potions and care for magical creatures. I'm horrible at potions tho. If anything explodes in the classroom its probably from me.
When I finish school I want to become a professor at Hogwarts. Either a potions professor or a care for magical creatures professor.

Oh and I have two pets. A white/beige snake with red eyes (albino) named Ra, and a black cat with the exact same eyecolor as me (bright green with a dark circle around the iris) named Loki.

I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community. I'm trans and bi-questioning. My parents are gay so we're one big queer family!

I have a huge crush on Percy Weasley. We're friends and he's so nice if you know him! Nobody knows about it tho. And I try to hide it as good as I can.

oh and my name is Jupiter Nicky James Akil Lucifer Lazirir. Its long I know, so just call me Jupiter, Nick, James, Akil or Luci. whichever you please tho I will listen best to the first and the fourth because my fathers usually call me that.
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