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(Teenage Student: age 17) I was in a family that abused me. kinda exactly like Harry's family, the boy who lived. Also the boy who lived under his stairs and was treated like a no good muggle. I was always cooking my own breakfast, lunch and dinner every night and also looking after my brother everyday. But one day, we both ventured off far away from home. We ran into a wizard of the dark arts. Unable to do anything, i watched him kill my brother right infront of my eyes. I ran away and hid long enough the wizard took off and never saw me again. I came back home in tears and in shame, and My family still abused me. Untill one faithful day, an owl gave me a letter, sealed shut with a dark red wax stamp. It was an invitation to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I gladly gathered my necessary things, stole a few hundred dollars from my mum and dad and went off on my merry way. Long story short, i brought my wand, my pet and a book case for my books. I never had an issue with being alone and having to fend on my own. Ive been doing it ever since i was 8. I guess you could say i have thick skin. Only cause i lve dealt with alot of abuse and trauma all of my life and im still kicking and screaming in excitement that im in hogwarts. A short summary of me i guess is that. Im brave, courageous, wouldnt hesitate to fight if my life depended on it, will not hesitate to stand my ground and dish what bullies serve to me 10 times harder, will stand up and fight for my friends(if i make any). Im friendly unless your an enemy, therefore i will not hesitate to hurt you if you make me angry. I am humble and wise(what others have described me as and i stick with it) im a loyal and faithful friend and i really hope i make friends in the years im attending hogwarts!
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