Nyshi Foxx & Felix Hughes

Gryffindor and Slytherin

Happy to talk and roleplay. Please don't post anymore chain posts on my wall, thanks x

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⠀⠀⠀Nyshi Foxx
⠀⠀⠀Felix Hughes

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════Nyshi Foxx════

{Nyshi is pronounced knee-she}

★Name: Nyshi Elizabeth Foxx
★House: Gryffindor
★Age: 16 - 19 (depending on the roleplay)
★Blood Status: Muggle Born
★Gender: Female
★Sexuality: Lesbian
★Pets: Snowy owl called Skye
★Patronus: Horse
★Hair Colour: Brown
★Eye Color: Black
★Height: 5'4
★Fear: Blood
★Nyshi is a self-described "diva." She is confident, outspoken, headstrong, and very loyal to her friends. However, despite her strong personality, she is also known to be very sensitive and strives to find someone to love and be loved.
She an extremely quirky girl, with a serene disposition and many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She is a complete nonconformist; she lacked self-consciousness and is not afraid to show who she truly is.
She also hated to get onto arguments so most of the time, if possible, she will agree just to keep the peace. She is also known to spend a lot of time in the library either reading a fictional book or studying.
★Face Claim: Jenna Ushkowitz

{Made by Charlie Balle}

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════Felix Hughes════

★Name: Felix Matthew Hughes
★House: Slytherin
★Age: 16-19 (depending on the rp)
★Blood Status: Pure Blood
★Gender: Male
★Sexuality: Bisexual
★Pets: Black cat called Midnight
★Patronus: Fox
★Hair Colour: Blonde
★Eye Color: Blue
★Height: 5'7
★Fear: Spiders
★Felix is rude most of the time and isn't really a nice person. He tends to only think of himself and it is rare that he actually seems to think of others. Although he does have a softer side that he does show but only to the people he classes as friends. The only reason he acts the way he does is because he is insecure about himself and uses that as a way to try and hide those insecurities.
The one thing that he would never want people to know about him is that he has anxiety and does what he can to hide it.
Although he does well in most of his lessons at times he can 'get bored' so he will stop paying attention.
★Face Claim: Robbie Kay

{Made by Charlie Balle}

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<summary>The girl behind the roleplay
════Facts about the real me════
★My name is Nyshi Cordelia Chang
★I have an older brother called Adric (yeah we have weird names)
★I am a lesbian and I have a girlfriend (Romanaa Debonair on here)
★I am obsessed with Once Upon A Time, Disney and Pokémon
★According to my mum when I was a kid I wanted to be a bus driver but I didn't want to learn to drive (weird I know)
★I am scared of Spiders and Thunderstorms
★I used to call squirrels, squizzles
★I am obsessed with Peter Pan
(I will add more of there is anything people want to know)

'Someone once asked me to choose my favourite Disney movie and I told them that would be like a parent choosing a favourite child'

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