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Can someone please tell me how to accept people into a private dorm???

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I don't really know why I was sorted as a Hufflepuff. I guess the sorting hat couldn't make up its mind and finally decided I was a kind person at heart. I've loved getting to attend my favourite classes, such as potions, and defense against the dark arte. Being born to two muggles, and with a muggle sister was hard. Nobody could figure out why my dogs spots would sometimes change colours. While I've been treated rather kindly since I began school, there are a few purebloods who don't like that I'm here. I wasn't around when Voldemort was in power and during the time of Harry Potter at Hogwarts, yet I still find that history fascinating. My greatest strength is probably my recklessness. While I'm more than willing to risk myself for others, I also take note how my actions can impact others and the world, and almost always have a calculated response to situations. However, my stubbornness can cause issues, especially in debates or trips around campus with my friends. After school, I would love to become an auror, I want to help people, and if that means travelling I would do it. Magic is fascinating. The idea that you can be so powerful, that you are able to change things about the world is amazing. Especially how we're taught to channel this power. I would love to use my magic to help others. I really want to work for the ministry, yet not at a simple desk job. I detest desk jobs. I want to be out on the streets, helping people. I have two dogs, their names are Cedar and Skye, they're absolutely crazy, but I had to leave them with my family for their safety. Here, I have an owl, her name is Newt. She's intelligent, and my constant companion on adventure. While my parents are muggles, my great great great grandmother was a witch, yet didn't know, and thus through continuous marriage among humans, the magic gene slowly shrank amongst my family, until it was brought back with me. If there is ever a time you can't find me, check the library, the grounds, or the owlery, the places I spend the majority of my time.
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