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Hi! I'm Lynn Wheatley, if you couldn't already tell. I enjoy the arts, mythical beasts and herbology. Not much else to say about me.

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My mother is a half-blood witch. Her father (my grand-father) was a muggle. He owns and runs a green house, giving him and my mother time to home school me for the period before Hogwarts. My father is a wizard of long pure blood lineage. My father works in the Ministry of Magic under Foreign Communications. Due to his career, I spent most of my time growing up around my grandfather and my mom. I get to see my dad on holidays but other than that, communication is limited, very limited, as his affairs are rather private. I grew up with a very strong interest in herbology and magical creatures. My father would send photos of the plants and animals he would see around the world.
My first year at Hogwarts, I was put in Slytherin. This was a big surprise to a lot of my family considering I am one-fourth muggle blood. Despite that, I spent my year trying to fit in. I was always told by my mother, who was a Hufflepuff, the Slytherins were rude and not to be messed with, but now that I am one, what am I supposed to think. I was very much a teachers pet for the first few months of school. I made very few friends due to my quiet disposition and fear of sticking out. I was often to scared to eat lunch In the hall with the other students, so I would go to the green houses and eat with the herbology teacher. Once I joined quidditch however, I was forced out of my shell. I slowly started making more and more new friends. I would love to own a herbology shop and sell magical pet creatures on the side.

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