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(Younger Student) I received my letter to Hogwarts like 5 years ago, it was amazing, one of the best experiences in my life, I always wanted to attend to Hogwarts since I was very little. I'm a pure-blood my dad is an amazing wizard, he's an Auror, and my mom well she is the grestest witch of her age, I really aspire to be like her someday. You'll see, mi parents they are both Gryffindors, but the crazy thing is that I'm not... I'm a Slytherin! and I'm really proud of it and I don't feel ashamed of it I love it, because not all Slytherins are bad and evil that is just a stereotype, what truly describes a Slytherin is their ambition, leadership, cunning and many more awesome traits, just because many of the most sinister wizards and witches have been associated with Slytherin it doesn't mean that we all Slytherins have to be regarded as being evil, because we are not all like that definetely. I also have a Hufflepuff side in me that's why the Sorting Hat took so long to sort me, he said I had almost everything a Hufflepuff has, but that I could learn more from Slytherin so yes. On my first year I was a bit afraid until I met Tom (Slytherin), Emma (Ravenclaw), Daniel (Gryffindor), Rupert (Hufflepuff) and Scorpius (Slytherin), I know I know we are all from all different houses and that sounds weird, because usually that never happens, specially other houses being friend with Slytherins, but we try to be friends with everyone and that´s great they make being in Hogwarts even better, specially Tom and Scorpious they are my best friends we are actually called the Silver Trio which is cool I think. My favourite class is definetely Defence against the Dark Arts and my favorite teacher is Remus Lupin, he's just the best ohh! and how could forgot Hagrid OF COURSE! one of my other best friends and favourite teachers, I know Hagrid always got's my back for anything and I can always count with his help. Well, I guess that's it, in conclusion I love Hogwarts so much, all these years I have got to expereinxe some of the most amazing things ever, got to meet my best friends, I value frienship a lot, aspire to be as great as my mother and basically thet! Oh proud Slytherin of course too hehe :)
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