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Hey guys! You guys should join the Slytherin Cool Kids Dorm, its pretty cool >:) Anyway have a great day & I'm always here to talk if you need someone

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My backstory begins with this, I had finally received my Hogwarts letter! I was starting to worry it would never come, but sure enough it came! When the time came for me to be sorted into my house, I was quite worried actually, my mother was a hufflepuff and my father a slytherin, my older brother is a hufflepuff too! I was completely unsure and the sorting hat did take a while, but I ended up in slytherin! I, of course was so happy, since i was a pureblood, it was nice to know I was put in slytherin, although being a hufflepuff WOULD be nice. So it all began, I was sorted into Slytherin and started Hogwarts, the school of my dreams! I love Defence against the dark arts, potions with the blunt Professor Snape, and transfiguration, although we have Professor Mcgonagall, she's quite annoying sometimes, doesn't even let me use my special quill I brought in! She saw through all my lies that it was a normal quill and knew that it was indeed a normal quill but with a cheating spell bound to it. I have a pet black cat, Moon who I love quite dearly and I enjoy reading in my spare time (Not quite a slytherin feel haha) I am quite the night owl too, staying up with my friends and sneaking up on peeves, just to see him get the jump scare he deserves. Hogsmade is one of my favourite places to go and late at night, the forbidden forest is always fun to go exploring for centaurs and thestrals, although i cant see them, my friend Farran (A fellow slytherin) can, since she's experienced her sister's friend dying.. My other best friend, Theo, although he's a hufflepuff we both love spending time together, studying (aka practising forbidden spells) or raving on about what we would like to do when we leave Hogwarts. Personally I'd love to become an Auror one day, or a quidditch player, that'd be the BEST.
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