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I was born in the wizarding world, a pure blood to be exact. My parents work in the ministry, I don't know what to be exact they do, they're very secretive but I know not to pry. I've been going to Hogwarts since the first year, I've developed to be quite good in defence against the dark arts and potions. Probably helps that I have great friends who support me through school. I'm on the quidditch team a beater, Draco Malfoy is our seeker and he is quite good. I've always had these flirty conversations with Malfoy but nothing more. Though recently I'm starting to question that, he seems different quite persistent in making our conversations last longer, but hey I'm not complaining! You should see the look on Pansy's face, classic. Neville and I have spoken more, he is such an amazing friend, as is Dean, even though we're in different houses we study in the library together. Blaise is my quidditch buddy, I have him wrapped around my finger, he is very persistent on going on a date in hogsmeade with me though I can't imagine hurting him. My doom is quite messy at the moment so I should be getting back to tidying up.
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