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I was stuck in my hometown. Wishing i had something interesting to do. Then this muggle virus started going around and we had to stay at home all the time. It was ridiculous honestly. Then i got this letter. It was kinda weird honestly. It said that i got accpeted to somehwere called Hogwarts: The school of witchcraft and wizadry. I started running around. That moment was so amazing. I started crying from how happy i was. I took the sorting quiz and i got in slytherin. It said it wanted to put me in gryffindor but it must've has a reason for that. Anyways, It took a really long time to decide. I love charms and defence against the dark arts. I like potions the least. Proffesor Snape is really mean. I am a muggle-born. Both my parents are muggles, one is a contract enginner and my dad is a proffesor. I started the year with my bestfriends, Harry Potter, Hermion Granger and Ron weasley. I believe that soon enough Voldemort will . (and yes i do say his name..) My greatest weakness is probably jealousy, and mind you i do get jealous very easily. I think i want to work for the ministry or be an auror. My greatest stregnth is that im clever. The thing that i am most facinated by in magic is the power and knowledge that it needs to be preformed. I love everything about maguc and i am proud to be a witch. I want to use magic to help myself and others I have two muggle siblings, 1 boy (10 years old) and a sister (7 years old). i personally dont think that they are goung to be wizards or witches.
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