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Hi I'm Cianka but you can call me Ci!I'm merely a clever Gryffindor that wishes to teach at Hogwarts at some point. If you need help or want to talk pls OWL me

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Cianka Athena Martson
Dogwood wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½" and hard flexibility


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Reading, muggle electronic games, music
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Her former family situation with the Blacks

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Diary chapter 1

Dearest diary, my name is Cianka Martson but most people call me Cici or Ci. It's kind of hard trusting people with secrets so my uncle advised me to start this diary so I'd be 'less lonely' in his eyes. Hmm let's see about my real parents my father is a pure-blood, he used to tell me stories about how he's related to one of 'The Sacred Twenty-Eight' but got disowned after he fell for my mother. Speaking about her I've not really known my mother. Dad told me she too was a pure-blood but the Blacks didn't approve of her. How did I know my father is a Black? Well it's because the pocket watch I got with a letter from him that was sent last year out of Azkaban is engraved with ' S . Black '. Back to my mother, used to work for mister Newt Scammender to tend to magical creatures. But she was on a search for a dangerous one when I was very young and... well never saw her again after that I do wonder how she is. My dad was on the run after being accused of multiple crimes so I stay with a muggle family that used to be best friends with my mother. Being here at Hogwarts really makes me feel understood, don't get me wrong my family is really sweet but it's not the same with them being muggles and all. Anyway one of my classmates told me I have DADA in a few minutes so I gotta fly! Thanks, uncle for recommending starting this diary you don't know much of magic but you're awesome! 
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