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I was sorted into Slytherin after a little chat with the Sorting Hat. I have a lot of Ravenclaw characteristics, but my drive is Slytherin. Some of my favorite classes are Defense of the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, and History. However, I don't like Divination. I don't see any sense for the class. My mum is a muggle and my father is a wizard. My mum helped smarten up my father. Because of my being a half-blood the first couple of years were a nightmare, but my housemates learned not to mess with me. I have only heard the stories of when Voldemort(I don't care if I say the name, fight me) was in power. My future plans are to travel the world and learn the stories of different Wizarding communities and spread them. We need to learn about each other and become closer unless we want to go extinct as a culture. The reason I have chosen this is because of my strengths in History and learning, whether it is from books or people and about animals, creatures, other people, or skills.
For me, the most fascinating thing about magic is teleportation. It makes my future job a whole lot easier. Magic is for the beholder, and if I find someone in need, I will help them. But, first priority is for my job and self. Also, I can't go on a trip without my travel buddy, Xilef. My cat is a one of a kind. He is smart and cunning, just like me.
With family, I have four little sisters(the youngest just started at Hogwarts) and we are all in different houses. The rivalry can become pretty strong during Quidditch season.

Chestnut with Unicorn Hair
10 3/4" unyielding flexibility

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