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I am Astrid Phoenix. Im 13, and a Ravenclaw, even though I can act like a "Slytherin" Yes I am the daughter of the Phoenixes children. If you do not know who they are they a family of famous wizards, aurors, and etc. They are rich and both sides went to Hogwarts. On my mom side they were Ravenclaws. My dads, Slytherin. Half the family were Death Eaters. My mom, Evelynn Phoenix is a intelligent, beautiful, and kind. I absolutely adore her. One problem is she left on my 10th birthday. She left me a music locket. I don't why she left, but I think it has something to do with my dad. My dear father, Chad Phoenix. He is rotten to the core, manipulative, and can be abusive. Other than that he can be alright. Going on to the better people is me and my older brothers. Maxwell, and Kamryn are Slytherins. Max a 7th year, and Kam a 6th year. Lionel, and Chad Jr. (Cj) are Ravenclaws. Nel a 5th year, and Cj a 4th. Then me the only daughter in the Phoenix family. Since mom left, and dad was always busy with work Max was more like a parent. And Dad was so toxic amd can be physically abusive towards all of us. He never cared about us except that we were excel students and did the "Slytherin way".Putting that aside I'm actually excited to go to Hogwarts. New People, friends, adventures, and maybe l-love (blehh). Well see ya then, Astrid out!
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