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I have been sorted into Ravenclaw. I believe that The Sorting Hat made this decision because I believe anybody can be good until proved otherwise. I treat everyone with the respect they deserve and I am friendly and I make friends easily. Loyal to others will create long friendships and that's what I want to have. When I want something I m determined to achieve that goal and I will work hard to get to it. I love to learn new things and I believe knowledge is my strong suit, but The Sorting Hat had trouble whether to put me in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, because of my quest for knowledge and my loyalty and kindness.
The classes I like the most will have to be Potions, Astronomy, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures. These are my favorites. I don't do well in flying though, but I do hope to do Quidditch someday.
I am a Half-Blood, but I don't believe it matters in the end. It's about the size of the heart, not their blood status.
When He-Who-Must-Be-Named was around in the UK I was wonderstruck and frightened to what might've happened to my classmates.
I believe my greatest strength as well as my greatest weakness is trusting people no matter what or who they are. Or what they have done before meeting me or coming here to Hogwarts. I just know that the trust in somebody you don't know could lead to a good future. You just never know until you find out.
I don't know what I'll do when I graduate. Maybe travel the world! But I believe that magic good as well as bad depending on the beholder. I want to help others to their best ability and they believe is true to them. I'm an honest person, I won't lie to people but I might shield the truth until I know they are ready to hear it.
Yes I do have a pet her name is Harley and she's a black and white cat. She's very talkative and wants people's attention. She's also a very energetic cat, and she's cuddly only when she wants to. My family isn't that special I could say, but my brother wants to go to a muggle art school somewhere. Which he hasn't done yet, which I tried to help him. But he still hasn't picked one yet.
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