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When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day, I didn’t know what it would mean. At first I thought it was just a joke, ya know? My brother sometimes played pranks on me, or blamed me when some weird stuff happened around the house. so whose to say this letter was just a distraction so my brother could throw a stink bomb into my room? anyway, my parents decided to take me into town to get my supplies and you should have seen the look on their faces when all the shop names changed and people went from being straight-faced and in a rush to smiling from ear to ear and being polite to one another. The coolest part of Diagon Alley was going to Ollivanders and having a wand chosen for me! they are unique to each individual which i thought was incredible. my wand is spruce wood with unicorn hair core and is 14 1/2 inches. on the train on the way to hogwarts i bumped into the people who would become my best friends. Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Luna and Neville :) we're like a dysfunctional-functional family haha. Ron introduced us to his twin brothers Fred and George. ron told me about his brothers pulls pranks all the time and it felt nice not being the only one with siblings like that. it was just weird because when they pulled pranks, it seemed more kind-hearted and fun. not like when my brother throws broken plates into my room and says i did it. george and I hit it off really well... or was it fred? no, definitely george. ...i think. anyway, we were all so excited when we heard we were being sorted into houses. of course there were elements of fear that we'd be separated and lose the friendship we had built. one by one we were called up to the sorting hat and one by one the hat sorted us all into gryffindor- well, except luna, that is. she got sorted into ravenclaw. but she promises to be with us as much as possible. A boy in slytherin kept looking in our direction- hes very peculiar but seems interesting. maybe ill approach him after class one day. professor McGonagall and professor Dumbledore keep looking at our little friend group and smiling in almost a hopeful way. i wonder why theyre doing that solely to us? its almost as if they know something we dont haha. However professor snape seemed to be staring at that interesting blonde boy in slytherin. he didnt look very hopeful at all- quite the opposite. he looked almost concerned- worried. im sure im just making things up, nothing strange will happen at this school.. right?
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