It is generally agreed that Ravenclaw´s are arrogant and selfish. However, they are charming and wise. Always listen to a Ravenclaw. :)

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Rvavenclaw. The sorting hat decided that I was a very smart and creative person so he sorted me into that house. He took 10 seconds to decide, pretty quickly. My favourites classes were History of magic and defense against dark arts. I hated potions and herbology I was very good at charms but I didn´t like it. I am pureblood so my blood status did´t affect my life. My greatest strength is being likeable and defending myself. I am scared to be lonely. I´ve found my dream job at the Ministry of Magic as an speakable. The most fascinating aspect of magic is literally everything, I´d love to use magic to help. I´d really love a chocolate frog. I have got one phoenix. I´t name is Rubrum and he is very friendly and protective. My mother was an important healer at St. Mungo´s Hospital and my brother an outstanding auror. We´ve never fought for anything.
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